Stressful modern lifestyle, environmental pollution, exhaustion caused by intense work and multitude of personal problems inevitably lead to deterioration of health, which is why we must give ourselves a fighting chance by eating healthy and organic food, at least from time to time. Granted, not many of us love healthy food, because it is frequently perceived as being not tasty, especially in comparison to fat saturated fast food, filled with artificial food additives. Nevertheless, if you take time to learn about the organic food cuisine, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the abundance of tasty and healthy recipes.

But what if you are constantly busy and cannot spend time cooking an elaborate meal? You can simply take a healthy snack with you. Walnuts are the best example of a nutritious and healthy snack that can boost your energy level and provide a wide row of benefits for your health.


Among the most important health benefits of walnuts are:

1. Cancer Prevention

Multiple studies have shown that daily consumption of a handful of walnuts can help to reduce the risk of breast cancer in half and the risk of prostate cancer by 30% to 40%. Mice that have been fed walnuts on a daily basis have shown increased resistance to the spread of cancer cells. Moreover, those male mice that were eating walnuts during 18 weeks period have shown considerable reduction in size of already existing tumors.

2. Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

Walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 that help to improve cardiovascular function, including blood pressure. Eating only four shelled walnuts per day will help you forget about high blood pressure, heart aches and will improve your heart health in general. You can actually add walnuts to various delicious meals and surprise your family and friends with interesting salads, containing organic walnuts.

3. Improvement of brain function

Walnuts are a treasure trove of a multitude of vitamins, essential for our brain, such as B2 and B12, A, D C, E, K and many other vitamins and minerals, vital for the healthy brain function. A couple of shelled walnuts or organic raw walnuts without shell will help to boost your brain function and overall mood. Complex of vitamins and microelements replenishes the energy that we lose during the day, which is why walnuts, consumed instead of chips or fries will not only satisfy hunger, but will also boost your attention and mood.

4. Slowdown of the aging process

Walnuts contain powerful polyphenol antioxidants that fight free radicals, responsible for the aging process and our overall health deterioration. Constant consumption of organic walnuts leads to decrease of free radicals and considerable slowdown of our aging process.

5. Reduction of cholesterol levels

Despite the fact that organic walnuts are quite nutritious, they indeed contain over
600 calories per 100 grams, monounsaturated fats, contained in them actually help fighting saturated fats in our body, replacing them and making our blood vessels free of cholesterol plaques.

Bottom line:

If you want to live longer and lead a healthy life, you need to consider replacing your unhealthy snacks with nutritious walnuts that are beneficial for your health and actually are tasty, especially roasted ones. Seven shelled walnuts per day or 14 walnut halves will help to preserve your health, slow aging process and reduce the chance of getting cardiovascular diseases. Choose nutritious walnuts as a source of good taste and long life.