While wild crafting for your favorite herbs, teas and wild edible plants there are always new plants popping up that you will find and wonder about. What is this? Can I use it? Where do I find out more information?

plant identification

For many of us that are alone in our search for additional information the quest can be frustrating. And trying to learn more about our local flora from just books very limiting. I have decided to set up an occasional page, such as this one, with images of plants various people I know are trying to identify. If you have a plant you are trying to identify feel free to post your images and information to me and I will load them here or on new pages so other readers can help.

 If you have a suggestion for the identification of any of the plants already here feel free to post your guess or identification to the discussion forum. Even wrong guesses sometimes lead to the proper identification. When sending images to me please make sure your image includes as much of the plant as possible (root, leaf, stem, flower, seed pod), that the image is clear and well defined (not lost in the foliage of a near by plant), and shows the bloom stage if at all possible. Include a detailed description of the location of the plant, your garden zone and any other information you can think of that may help in finding a proper identification.

Multiple images of the plant(s) in question are fine as well, especially if you are able to provide a clear close up of a particular detail of a plant. Try to offer information on size in metric measurement such as the diameter of a bloom, leaf width etc. As well, on all blooms try to offer a count of the petals if possible. Remember the more details you can offer the easier the identification will become.